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B3 ceramic ball valve,stainless steel ball valves


  Applicable standards

1.  Manufacture in according with API608.

2. Flange dimension to ANSI B16.5.

3. Face to face dimension to ANSI B16.10.

4. Valve tested to API598.


high hardness, high strength, high tenacity 
acid and alkali-resistance 
wear resistance 
Good sealing perfor

All parts that connect the medium are made of structural ceramics with extremely high chemical stability and hardness (HRC 90), which is only inferior to diamond. So the valve features exceedingly high wear-proof capability, corrosion resisting, enduring capability, good heat insulation, small thermal expansion.


The valve is unique in granule medium of high hardness, or erosive soft granule and is the only choice for such medium. They are wisely used in FDG System, Slag system and LNCFS in power plant, saline water and distilling processes in alkali works, paper pulp system in paper mill, and so on.


The ball is processed by advanced polishing equipment and technology that can ensure high circularity, good surface quality,.

The self-lubricating capability of ZrO2, ensure the good sealing performance between the ball and its seat. It is thoroughly free from the defects of easy leakage, big torque, non-resistance sealing surface comparing with metal sealing valve.



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