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Fixed Ball Valve (CLASS150~1500)

fixed pipeline ball valve is designed with the world advanced finite element analysis software, thus strongly ensuring its body strength and the reliability of normal action of its internal components. According to specific working conditions, the ball can be supported with a bonnet or a supporting plate. In particular, its big stem design ensures its safe operation and long service life. 

Pressure class: CLASS150~1500
Diameter range: 2~40

Technical characteristics of fixed pipeline ball valve: 
● The advanced mechanical equipment ensures the valve’s machining precision and assembling quality
● It adopts ANSYS finite element analysis software for 3D numerical simulation of its body as required by working conditions, meeting requirements for its strength and rigidity, thus being safer
● Its special design minimizes its operating torque
● It’s designed to be fireproof and antistatic, and also it’s available for such options as double piston effect seat, multi-seal and emergency sealant filling
● Light weight and compact structure; and optional for full or reduced bore
● The split seat design makes the valve seal more reliable and more convenient for maintenance

Design standard
 .API6D pipeline valve
 .Fireproof test of API6FA valve
 .API607 soft seal and fireproof test of 90° turn valve
 .Inspection and test of API598 valve
 .ANSI B14.34 flange, thread and welding end valve 
 .JB/T7745 pipeline ball valve

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