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Hard Seal Forged Steel Ball Valve DN15~DN350

Hard Seal Forged Steel Ball Valve

This kind of ball valve is divided into two forms: . One is the two-piece structure with the screw threaded connection and sealed with PTFE gasket; The other is the triplet structure with the bolt in the middle. According to the different valve seat, gasket and padding, the working temperature and media are diversified.

Overall diameter/reduced diameter
90 degree and with key structure
With Y Handle
Fire prevention and anti-static design
Opposite butterfly spring pad
Prevention stem
Double-sealed structure of the central stem
Bolts, thread seal cover gasket
Socket accords to ASME B16.11
Thread end connection(NPT)accords to ANSI/ASME B1.20.1


Product specifications:
Caliber: DN15~DN350
Nominal pressure: 1.6~32.0MPa
Working Temperature: PTFE≤ 150seshidu Nylon1010≤ 80seshidu

Direction for use:
Temperature and pressure limitations
Name shows the maximum and minimum operating temperature of the maximum allowable operating pressure.
With the RTFE or PTFE material of the valve seat and sealing, the working temperature should limit between-290C to 2000C. Other types of operating temperature of valve seats and sealing, the plant should be subject to the examination of KI.
Nominal pressure of the valve may indicate the maximum working pressure in the normal temperature condition. ( For example: PN4.0, indicating its operating temperature is -290C ~ 380C when the maximum working pressure is 40 Bar (4.0MPa).
As for the use of electric or pneumatic actuator, please refer to the note of the statement.

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