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Hard Sealing Ball Valve DN15~200mm DN125~500mm

Hard Sealing Ball Valve

Widely used in petroleum, chemical, power, pharmaceutical, food processing, light industry and other industries, the hard sealing ball valve is used for controlling the temperature or fluid media with particles or fibers, especially in power stations, boilers of metallurgical industries, coal, scaling or frozen pipes.
1\It adopts flexible valve seat structure with automatic compensation function. The sealing surface uses hard alloy to ensure reliable sealing and high temperature, wear and corrosion resistance, as well as durability.
2\The body and valve seat has a good cut, self-cleaning function, which is useful for the control of the particle or fiber media.
3\Metal hard sealing ball valve adopts download stem to ensure that the padding seal is reliable.


Design: API6D ASME16.34; Pressure Temperature Rating: ASME B16.34; Structure Length: ASME B16.10; Flange Connection: ASME B16.34 ASME B16.47a; Welding Connection: ASME B16.25; Examination: API6D API598

Design: GB12237; Pressure Temperature Rating: GB12234; Structure Length: GB12221; Flange Connection: GB9113 JB79; Welding Connection: GB12224; Examination: GB/T13927

Product specifications:
Nominal pressure: Class150~1500\PN1.6~16.0MPa
Caliber: DN15~200mm DN125~500mm
Working Temperature: -29~425Carbon Steel)\-49~625(Stainless Steel)

Direction for use:

Temperature and pressure limitations
L Name shows the maximum and minimum operating temperature of the maximum allowable operating pressure.
L With the RTFE or PTFE material of the valve seat and sealing, the working temperature should limit between-290C to 2000C. Other types of operating temperature of valve seats and sealing, the plant should be subject to the examination of KI.
L Nominal pressure of the valve may indicate the maximum working pressure in the normal temperature condition. ( For example: PN4.0, indicating its operating temperature is -290C ~ 380C when the maximum working pressure is 40 Bar (4.0MPa).
L As for the use of electric or pneumatic actuator, please refer to the note of the statement.

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