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QYB process instrument hard seal ball valve

QYB process instrument hard seal ball valve

To solve the problem that the small-bore process or gauge valve for common industry is short-life, has independently developed a metal hard seal ball valve with patented technologies. This valve series adopts world advanced and unique technologies for its design in structure, sealing surface treatment and external leak point so that it not only is applicable for high temperature (760℃) and high pressure (1,000Mpa) but also has an excellent safe reliability and an ultra-long service life. 

Diameter range: DN8~50(1/4-2") 
Pressure range: PN2~ 100Mpa
End connection: socket welding/butt weld

Structural features of QYB ball valve
● The spherical valve plug design with one-to-one matching and grinding with the seat
● The sealing surface adopts the world advanced high-velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) process
● Blowout-proof design of stem
● The pretightening packing gland provides a lasting sealing force
● Its body adopts a forging welding structure with advanced welding technology 
● Its internal components are made of high-strength heat-resisting steel, thus more applicable for high temperature and high pressure, being more reliable 
● The advanced design software prevents the valve from thermal expansion and seizure at high temperature
● It adopts the straight-through flow channel with a high Cv value 
● It has a long life and is maintenance-free
● Zero leakage
● There are various options for body materials

Steel pressure valves - a temperature rating

1. When the working temperature between the table when the temperature level, interpolation can determine the maximum working pressure.
2. When the valve of the main parts are plastic, rubber and other non-metallic materials, or mechanical properties and temperature limits in the material below the table. Can not use this form.


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