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QYI metal hard seal ball valve

QYI metal hard seal ball valve

QYI integrated forged valve adopts a one-piece body structure without leakage points in the middle. With its advanced forging process, its packing design is more reasonable, thus ensuring its zero leakage. This valve series is especially applicable for harsh working conditions, like high temperature, high pressure and severe erosion, in the power industry. Its unique structural design and hardening treatment technology of sealing surface ensure its safety, reliability and long life. 

Pressure class: Class150-4,500
Diameter range:
  Socket welding: DN15-65(1/2-2 1/2)
  Butt weld: DN15-100(1/2-4)
  Socket welding: 1/2-2 1/2(15~65mm)
  Butt weld: 1/2-4 (15~ 100mm)
  Class: 900-4500


Technical characteristics of KENENG QYI: 
● Integrated forged one-piece body
● Design of reinforced packing ring assembly
● Secondary blowout-proof design of stem
● Sealing surface adopting HVOF technology for spraying coating of ultra-hard metal ceramic
● One-to-one matching and grinding between seat and ball
● Firm mounting bracket
● Design of dynamic load packing set
● Design of resistance to expansion and seizure at super-high temperature
● Zero leakage

Application scope in power plants: 
Exhaust valve of steam trap
Cut-off valve of feed-water heater
Steam trap of feed-water reheater
Recycling by-pass valve of condensation pump
Recycling by-pass valve of boiler feed-water pump
Cut-off valve of boiler feed-water pump
Continuous blowdown valve
Main steam globe valve
Electronic safe relief valve
Electromagnetic relief valve/cut-off valve
Regulating switch valve of hydrogen system
Boiler steam trap

Valve body material:

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