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butt-weld metal hard seal ball valve

butt-weld metal hard seal ball valve

QYII metal hard seal ball valve is widely applied in extremely harsh working conditions, like the catalyst in the coal chemical industry, poly-silicon and oil refining, and the abrasion-resistance valve in the mine industry. As for the two/three-phase flow (pneumatic/solid/hydraulic) working condition, we’ve developed the self-cleaning seat with the patent design and the damping sediment structure, which have been applied successfully in major national projects.adopts special structural designs for different working conditions, thus ensuring  valves’ reliability and long life. 

Product range
Pressure class: Class150~2500
Diameter range: DN25-400 1(1 -24")
Connecting mode: butt-weld, flange, etc. 
Actuating mode: manual, electric, pneumatic, pneumatic-hydraulic, etc. 
Structure type: floating, fixed, two-piece or three-piece

Typical Materials


Technical characteristics of QYII ball valve
● Split seat design with patented technology, easy for maintenance and replacing
● Available for providing the scraping and sweeping function against scaling
● Sealing surface adopting high-velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF)
● Big stem size design
● Reasonable design of sealing surface width and 107 increase for ball seal grinding belt
● Valve chamber available for being designed with the purging function against material accumulation in the application environment of solid granular media
● Double sliding bearing design both for protecting the packing box’s packing set and for reducing the valve’s operating torque
● Seat spring provided with the design against material accumulation and the reliable concession protection
● Floating ball structure providing a two-way seal structure

Application scope: 
◎ Coal chemical industry
◎ Catalytic cracking
◎ Slurry pipeline transportation in mines
◎ Offshore platform
◎ Poly-silicon
◎ Chemical industry like styrene and PE
◎ Thermal power plant 
◎ Coking refining
◎ Petroleum and natural gas transportation pipeline
◎ Papermaking industry

QYII metal hard seal Ball Parameter:

QYII metal hard seal Ball Necking Cv value:

Technical Specifications


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