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Floating seat ball valve

QYV ball valve can be designed into a soft or hard seal structure as required by working conditions or users. With its unique hard surface treatment technology, hard seal V-type ball valve is more applicable for media containing impurities. Its reasonable flow channel design prevents materials from accumulation. According to practical working conditions, can provide the floating seat V-type ball valve and the eccentric V-type ball valve. 

Nominal pressure: PN1.6-10.0/9(Class150-600)
Nominal diameter: DN15~600(2~24")
Actuating mode: handle, worm gear, pneumatic, electric, etc. 
Design and manufacture standard: GB12237, API608 and API6D
Connecting mode: flange and wafer
Flange standard: GB /T9113, IB/T79, ASMEB16.5 and ANSI B16.47

Characteristics of floating seat ball valve: 
● It adopts a removable seat structure loaded with plate spring so that its seat and ball will not be seized or disengaged with reliable seal and a long service life; 
● The ball with a V-type cut has a shearing effect with the metal seat, especially applicable for media containing fibers, micro solid particles or slurry. 
● It can be used for both control and cut-off

Characteristics of eccentric V-type ball valve: 
● The eccentric V-type ball valve has a compensation function for the sealing surface’s abrasion
● It can achieve the conditional two-way seal, especially applicable for two-phase flow media
● It’s applicable for high-temperature and high-pressure conditions


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