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Double Axis Butterfly Valve With Soft Seat JB/T 8527 JIS 10K API 609

Double Axis Butterfly Valve With Soft Seat

Size: DN50-DN1200

Product Description

Design standard: JB/T 8527 JIS 10K API 609
Face to face: GB/T12221 JISB2002 ASME16.10
Flanged ends: GB 4216 JISB2212-2214 ASME16.5a
Test &inspection: GB/T13927 API598

Applicable scope

They are used in the pipelines and vessels for conveying vari-ous corrosive and non-corrosive fluid media in the engineering systems of water supply, generating, petroleum. Gas(natural gas), chemicals, smelting, food(drinks), medicine, paper-making, shipping and environmental protection and also for regulating and cutting off the flowing of media.


1. It is single and compact in structure and light in weight, and easy for assembly and disassembly, and maintenance.
2. The operating torque of it is small. When turning 90(, it can open or close with light and fast action.
3. It is smallin flowing resistance and good in energy-saving effect, with discharge characteristic approximating inclined straight line.
4. It is featured by reliable sealing, zero leakage with ten thou sands of opening and closing times.
5. The valve can be made of various materials, adapted to all kinds of media.

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