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Double Eccentric Double Flange Butterfly Valve DN50-DN1200

Double Eccentric Double Flange Butterfly Valve DN50-DN1200

Size: DN50-DN1200


The high-performance double-flange butterfly valve series are the renewed products that are designed and developed by the company's new product development department according to the request of many clients. This kind of valve can reach the up-to-date world advanced level by adopt-ing the successful experiencesobtained through the butterfly valve research since the half a century to create the unique structure so as to gain high-quality performances. The valve, charactered, high pressure difference, free and labor-saving actuating, is widely used for cutting off media flowing in the high and medium-pressure industrial pipelines for water supply and drainage, metallurgy, petroleum, chemicals, electric power.


1. The valve is equipped with eccentric tilting tapered valve seat sealing ring for the purpose of pressing out the sealing surface has small frictional resistance. When shutting off, it closes more and more, So this makes sealing performance reliable. Opening can ensure that the sealing surface completely gets rid of contact and is not damaged.
2. The special geometric structure makes the butterfly valve free of defect that other butterfly valves are unable to be sealed well due to excessively opening, so as to guarantee good sealing of the surface.
3. The double-eccentric butterfly valve structure can guarantee that the valve functions normally under high-pressure and overcome the shortcomings that other valves easily leak due to seat deformation when they work under high pressure.
4. This valve adopts different sealing surface materials according to the requirement of media in order to guarantee that the sealing surface is of damage resistance, erosion resistance and corrosion resistance, with long-term working life.

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