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Double Half-Stem Butterfly Valve (DN50-DN1200)

Double Half-Stem Butterfly Valve (DN50-DN1200)

Size: DN50-1200
Body: GG25, GGG40
Disc: CF8/ CF8M/ GGG40/ Al-Br
Shaft: S. S316/ S. S416
Color: Any colour according to customer requirement
Working pressure: PN10/ 16
Flange standard: PN10/ 16/ ANSI150

1. Double hale-stem butterfly valve is single and compact in structure and light in weight, and easy for assembly and disassembly.
2. The operating torque of it is small, then tuing 90(it can open or clese with light and fast action)
3. It is small in flowing resistance and good in energy-savinng effect, with discharge characteristic approximating inxlined straight line.
4. It is featured by reliable sealing, zero leakage with ten thousands of opening and closing time
5. The valve can be made of various materials, adapted to all kinds of media.
6. It is used in the piplinge and vessels for conbwying various corrosive and mon-corrosice flui media in the engineering systems of water supply, generating, petroleum, gas, environmental protection and also for regulating and cutting off the off the floeing of media.

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