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Flanged Butterfly Valve (D343H)

Flanged Butterfly Valve (D343H)

Flanged butterfly valve, stainless steel butterfly valve, cast steel butterfly valve
1. Structure & Features
(1). Wiht three-eccentric structure, the body sealing faces are elastic metal rings and multi-layer sealing face to make the disc contact the sealing face of body reliably and get no leakage for air sealing.
(2). Unique structure, flexible operation, labor saving, convenient and long-time usage.
(3). Three-eccentric design of temperature resistant, corrosion resistant and friction resistant
2. Size: DN50-1600 mm NPS 2''-64''
3. Pressure: PN0.6-4.0MPa Class: 150 Lb to 3000 Lb
4. Temperature: carbon steel: -29~425'C Stainless steel: -40-600'C
5. Appilcable Medium: Water, steam, oil products, corrosive acid, etc.
6. Material: Cast Iron, Cast steel, Stainless steel, Cr-Mo steel, Alloy steel.
7. Packing: Flexible graphite

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