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Stainless Steel Sanitary Pneumatic Butterfly Valve (DN25-DN200)

Stainless Steel Sanitary Pneumatic Butterfly Valve

Sanitary penumatic butterfly valve:

1)Material: SS304, SS316L

2)Size: DN25-200, 1"-8"

3)Standards: DIN/SMS/ISO/3A

Application: This sanitary type, automaticty PE ormanual operated butterfly valves are suitable for

All kinds of stainless steel pipeline system.

Advantages: (1)Imported seals: A. Paeesd FDA certification B. Better acid proof, alkali proof and high temperature performance; C Less permanent compressive deform. (2)Investment forging valve plug: Pressure durability ≤ 1.2Mpa(3)Metalllographic structure better than casting ones.

4)Apparent design: In the same step with international fashion-style. (5)Service life: The same as imported butterfly valve; 18 qualityguarantee on seal under normal circumstance. (6)Cost performance: Import substituted, cost saved, reliable operation.

Material: (1)Material Contact Parts: 304 or 316L;

(2)sealing material: Standard EPDM, SILICON, FDM, HNBR for option

Joint style: (1)weld, thread, clamp, weld/thread, flange; (2)o assure the connection and substitution with pipe or equipmentare made to DIN 11850, IDF/ISO, SMS, international standard size.

Handle: (1)standard: Reinforced nylon handle, mental handle;

(2)option: Adjustable handle

Technical parameter:

OD Range: DN25-DN200 1"-4"

Anti-pressure: 10bar

Compressed air supply: Min: 4bar; Max: 8ba

Penumatic actuator torgne: 40Nm

Finish: Cutting: Ra 1.6-3.2µ M

Polish: Ra0.4-0.8µ M

Requirements for compressed air quality

That the executor needs:

Compressed air joint: Air pipe equiped

Equips with air adapter R18/8

Max grain size: 0.01mm

Max oil content: 0.08ppm

Dew point: 10° C or less

Max water content: 7.5g/kg

Penumatic actuator features:

NO spring open/penumatic off

NC spring open/penumatic open

ON/OFF signal feed back inductive prober for option

Compact appearance, small volume, large torgue

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