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Triple Eccentric Multi-layered Metal Hard Seal Butterfly Valves

Triple Eccentric Multi-layered Metal Hard Seal Butterfly Valves

This type of butterfly valves use triple eccentric multi-layered metal seal structure to feature no mechanical wear, zero leakage and outstanding two-way sealing. They have been used to handle different media in the pipeline of petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, foodstuff, pharmacy, water supply and drainage and gas transportation etc. as an optimal choice to adjust the flow, cut off or put through the fluid.
They may be made of different materials to adapt to such media as water, sewage, seawater, air, steam, coal gas, combustible gas, corrosive media, oils and foodstuff etc., with maximum working temperature up to 600℃.

Product features:
※Triple eccentric structure: the axis of valve stem forms up an offset size A with disc sealing face and an offset size B with the axis of body passage, while the axis of rotation of seat forms up an eccentric angle α with the axis of body passage. Hence, a triple eccentricity is shaped up. When butterfly valve is opened from 0°~90°, disc sealing face will immediately break away from seat sealing face at the moment of being opened. When it is closed from 90°~0°, only at the moment of being closed, its disc conical sealing face will come into contact and compact the seat conical seal. So there is absolutely no friction between the sealing faces of seat and disc, which has eliminated the possibility of wear and leakage.

※Torque seal: in triple eccentric structure, when butterfly valve is being closed, the specific sealing pressure between the two sealing faces of its seal pair is produced by the driving moment impressed on valve stem. This can not only eliminate the problem of the reduction and disappearance of specific sealing pressure caused by the aging of elastic material, cold flow or elastic breakdown etc. in conventional elastic seat, but also take out free adjustment of specific sealing pressure by changing the impressed driving moment, so as to improve the sealing performance of triple eccentric butterfly valves and enhance the service life of butterfly valves greatly.

※Soft-hard layered metal seal structure: disc sealing face use soft-hard layered stainless steel piece and flexible graphite plate, which combine the advantages of both metal hard seal and elastic seal to perform outstanding seal under both low and high temperature conditions.

※Two-way seal: as the angle of cone of sealing face is smaller than the angle of friction of sealing material, disc can be immediately self-locked when it is closed to seal position, and can endure certain back pressure impact.

※Fire resisting structure: all-metal structure for fire safety.

※Body sealing face: use of surfacing hard alloy or stainless steel to perform high strength, good hardness and wear resistance, with no damage produced under continuously 60,000 times of open and close.

※Sealing ring: sealing ring is clamped on disc by pressure plate for easy installation, adjustment and replacement.

※Shaft sleeves are fitted at the upper and lower parts of valve stem to avoid abrasion and adhesion for longer service life.

※Provided with flexible, labor-saving, easy and reliable operation, flanged, wafer, butt-welded and lug wafer connection, this product is used to cut off media and adjust the flow rate of media freely.

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