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Carbon Steel Choke Valve Positive Type 2000psi-15000psi

Carbon Steel Choke Valve Positive Type

It is installed in the X'MAS tree or wellhead, as flow regulator. In order to control the flow capacity, we shall alternate the choke bean of different DN.

The Structure:
Pressure-containing parts are made of alloy steel with sufficient tensile strength to ensure the safety and reliablity of the valve under pressure. The choke beans are made of alloy steel with the characteristics of hard wearing.

Standard: API Spec 6A and SY/5127 Swing, Assembling and Maintaining
1, Swing: In the process of swing, we shall keep the valve stable in order to prevent valve from damage.
2, Assembling: Before installation, the pipeline should be cleaned. We should keep the valve away from heavy hammering in the process of installation.
3, Using: The valve is closed in clockwise and opened in counterclockwise; It should be strictly carried out in accordance with the relevant safety rules.
4, Maintaining: The valve should not be stored in the open air and kept away from fire. The suitable temp. Is 0° C~30° C. We should grease the main valve parts regularly.

5, The ways to possible breakdown:
1)The sealing problem We should cut off the line and check it step by step. If the machine parts are broken down, we should replace and install the new ones.
2)The packing problem Tightening up packing gland slightly or cutting off the line and replace packing.
Size: 2 1/16"- 5 1/8"
Materials: AA BB CC DD EE FF
Terperature: K L P R S T U V
PR: PR1, PR2
Pressure: 2000-20000PSI

Body: Carbon steel\Alloy Steel\Stainless Steel
Choke Head: Carbon steel\Alloy Steel\Stainless Steel+HF\Stainless+QBQ
Choke Threaded Sleeve: Stainless Steel
Seat: Alloy Steel\Stainless Steel+HF\Stainless+QBQ
Application: Mainly used in the oil and gas production equipments and well head control equipments
Medium: Oil, Gas, Water, etc.

Material class AA. BB. CC. DD. EE. FF
Temp.   K. L. P. R. S. T. U. V
PN 2000psi-15000psi DN 1in-4in
PR PR1-2 TEMP. PU -29-121


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