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Carbon Steel\Stainless Steel Check Valve PSL1-PSL4

Carbon Steel\Stainless Steel Check Valve

The valve is used in manifolds system which control the fluid from one side to another side.
Wear-resistance, scour resistance.
Reliable performance

End connection: Flange Thread Union BW
Size: 2 1/16"- 71/16"
Materials: AA BB CC DD EE FF
Terperature: K L P R S T U V
PR: PR1, PR2
Pressure: 2000-20000PSI
Body: Carbon steel\Alloy Steel\Stainless Steel
Disc: Carbon steel\Alloy Steel\Stainless Steel+HF\Stainless+QBQ
Seat: Alloy Steel\Stainless Steel+HF\Stainless+QBQ
Steel Core: Alloy Steel\Stainless Steel+HF\Stainless+QBQ
Rubber Core: Rubber with metals, etc.
Application: Mainly used in well head controling qquipment
Medium: Oil, Gas, Water, etc.

PN 2000psi--10000psi DN 2in-3in
PSL PSL1-3 Material Class AA-FF
PR PR1-2 TEMP. PU -29-121seshidu

DN in(mm)
2000psi(14Mpa) 3000psi(21Mpa) 5000psi(35Mpa) 10000psi(70Mpa) 15000psi(105Mpa)
2 1/16(52) V V V V V
2 9/16 (65) V V V V V
3 1/8(80) V V V V V

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