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Forged Steel Flanged Check Valve API, ANSI

Forged Steel Flanged Check Valve API, ANSI

Forged steel flanged check valve
Product Sort: Forged valve>>Forged check valve
Pressure: 150LB-1500LB
Size: 1/4"-2"
Design Std: API, ANSI
Product Material: ASTM A105, F11, F22, LF1, 304, 316, 304L, 316L

1, Flange check valve disc is round, valve seat around the channel axis for rotary movement, as a result of valve channel streamline, flow resistance than the non-return valve butterfly or small, for low flow rate and flow do not change the large diameter of occasions, but not for the pulsating flow, the sealing performance as jack-up. Single sub-butterfly-type check valve, double valve and most of them type three, which is based on three forms of the valve diameter to sub-purpose is to prevent the media to stop the flow, or back when the impact of reduced water.

2, Flange check valve: Valve body along the vertical center line of sliding check valve, check valve inside the thread can only be installed on the level of pipeline, in the high-pressure non-return valve on the small-bore ball valve can be. Butterfly valve check valve of the same shape and globe valve (which can be common with the globe valve), so it is a larger drag coefficient of the fluid. Its structure is similar with the globe valve, valve body and valve with the same cut-off valve.

The upper valve and the valve cover the lower part of the processing units are oriented Jane, Jane driven valve can be oriented in the light valve Jane free movements, when the medium flow, the valve flap to open by the media thrust, when the media stopped-flow, the valve from the valve on down in the seat on the landing, to prevent media from current role. Straight-through media import and export of butterfly check valve seat channel direction and the direction of the vertical channel; Vertical take-off and landing-type check valve, and its import and export media access channel direction and the direction of the same seat, the flow resistance than the straight-through processing small.

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