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FC Gate Valve (API 6A and NACE MP0175)

FC Gate Valve

The valve is one of our main products which is according to API 6A and NACE MP0175 to design and manufacture and test. Pressure- containing parts is applied by alloy steel which can satisfy all kinds of working conditions.

The characteristic:
1, The body and bonnet are sealed by metal to improve the seal performance.
2, Reverse seal mechanism sets between the stem and bonnet to make the seal filler to be replaced easily.
3, body is made of high quality alloy steel forging, no perforation and safe performance.
4, sealing surface is sprinkling welded cemented carbide with properties of corrosive-resistance, scurb-resistance and wear-resiatance.
5, spring load on the parallel discs and valve seat to realize two-sided seal.
6. Controling system is installed on the bonnet which can realize long-distance control.
Standard: API Spec 6A and SY/5127

Working principle:
1, Principle: The gate is moving up and down to Cut-off or transmit medium.
2, The main structure:
1)The valve's gate and seat are Two-way face- to- face hard sealed and long-lifespan.
2)The valve is without balance stem.
3) There is switch indicator in the end of valve with hand wheel, the instructions under the direction near the hand wheel (up) to open the valve and the valve closed.

Swing, Assembling and Maintaining
1, Swing: In the process of swing, we shall keep the valve stable in order to prevent valve from damage.
2, Assembling: Before installation, the pipeline should be cleaned. We should keep the valve away from heavy hammering in the process of installation.
3, Using: The valve is closed in clockwise and opened in counterclockwise; It should be strictly carried out in accordance with the relevant safety rules.
4, Maintaining: The valve should not be stored in the open air and kept away from fire. The suitable temp. Is 0° C~30° C. We should grease the main valve parts regularly.
5, The ways to possible breakdown:
1  The sealing problem  We should cut off the line and check it step by step. If the machine parts are broken down, we should replace and install the new ones...
2  The packing problem  Tightening up packing gland slightly or cutting off the line and replace packing

DN mm(in) PN psi (MPA)
2000(14) 3000(21) 5000(35) 10000(70)
2 1/16’ ’ (52) v v v v
2 9/16’ ’ (65) v v v v
3 1/16’ ’ (78)3 1/8’ ’ (80) v v v v
4 1/16’ ’ (103) v v v v
Material Class                     AA. BB. CC. DD. EE. FF
PR                       PR1, PR2
PSL                       PSL1, PSL2, SPL3, PSL4
TEMP.                       K. L. P. R. S. T. U. V

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