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GB Flanged steel gate valves PN1.0~16.0MPa

GB Flanged steel gate valves PN1.0~16.0MPa

Structural features: 
 ① In compliance with the advanced standards home and abroad to feature reliable sealing and outstanding performance.
② Complete body materials and reasonably configured packing and gaskets responding to actual working conditions or customer requirements to adapt to working conditions with various pressures, temperatures and media.
③ Wedged flexible disc, rolling bearing used in medium and large-sized valves for easy open and close.
④ Use of multiple standards of piping flange and types of flange sealing surface to satisfy different engineering and customer requirements.
⑤ We have developed PN1.0MPa low-pressure carbon steel gate valves, which may be used as substitutes to iron gate valves, and performed as effective solutions to the problems possessed by cast iron gate valves, such as housing easily frost-cracked, disc easily fallen off, stem easily rusted, and unreliable sealing performance etc.
⑥ We have developed PN1.0MPa low-pressure stainless steel gate valves for working conditions with various corrosive media, lowered cost and saving in material.

Flanged steel gate valves are suitable for PN1.0~16.0MPa, -29~425℃ (carbon steel) and -40~200℃ (stainless steel) pipelines to cut off or put through the media in pipelines.
They may be made of different materials to adapt to water, steam, oils, nitric acid, acetic acid, strongly oxidated media and urea etc. Driving modes include manual, bevel geared and electric.

Standard specifications:

Design and Manufacture
Structure Length





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