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Pneumatic Gate Valve (API Spec 6A and SY/5127)

Pneumatic Gate Valve (API Spec 6A and SY/5127)

The valve has safety valve and hydraulically derive, which is the main part in safety system in wellhead.
By injecting a high-pressure air into the cylinder to reduce spring cylinder and open the valve. When in the risk, the actuator transmitted by the sensor to unload the pressure in cylinder in order to close the valve.

Standard: API Spec 6A and SY/5127
Working principle:
By using the hand wheel and cylinder to control the gate moving to open or close the valve and Intake on the up stomatal(clockwise), valve close; Intake of on the down stomatal(counterclockwise)valve open.
Manual / automatic status switch: The valve has two kinds of operation mode, when in manual. We should Pin plug connection and when in automatic, we should Pin out.

Assembling and Maintaining
1, Assembling: Before installation, the pipeline should be cleaned. We should keep the valve away from heavy hammering in the process of installation.
3, Using: The valve is closed or opened and Can not be half open or close; It should be strictly carried out in accordance with the relevant safety rules. It is strictly prohibit to flexible the fastener to make sure the safety.
4, Maintaining: The valve should not be stored in the open air and kept away from fire. The suitable temp. Is 0° C~30° C. The valve is required to inject the 7903# seal grease. We should grease the main valve parts regularly.
5, The ways to possible breakdown:
1. The packing problem Tightened the gland, we should replace the packing
2. The packing problem Tightening up packing gland slightly inject the grease.

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