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Stainless Steel Wedge Gate Valve PN: 1.6~16 Mpa

Stainless Steel Wedge Gate Valve

Gate valve connected by high or medium pressure flange works under nominal pressure of PN1.6~16.0MPa and its working temperature is ≤ -29~550 It can be used for pipes in various systems of petroleum, chemical, hydraulic and thermal power station. It can cut off or connect pipe medium. Suitable medium: Water, oil, steam, sulfurous natural gas etc. Modes of operation: Manual, gear transmission, electric, pneumatic etc.

Structure and Features:

1. Good selection of materials which meet both domestic and international standard. All materials have high qualities.
2. It meets the needs of both domestic and international advanced standard, and it has robust sealing, excellent performance and artistic design

3. It has advanced and applicable sealing. Sealing surfaces of the gate and the valve seat are welded with Stellites of different hardness Cobalt-cemented carbide. It has robust sealing, high hardness, wear-resistance, high temperature bearing, corrosion-resistance, good abrasion-resistance and long service life.

4. With nitrogen-treated surface as well as the quenching and tempering treatment, the stem has good corrosion-resistance, abrasion-resistance and wear-resistance.

5. Adopting a flexible wedge gate structure, which means there are an angle between the sealing surface and the vertical center line. That is, these two sealing surfaces form a wedge, which cuts off piping medium. Large and medium caliber set of thrust bearing which decrease the friction and can be opened/closed easily.

6. A variety of piping standard flanges and flange surface sealing methods are available, which can satisfy a variety of project needs and user requirements.
Product specifications:
Pressure of Nominal PN: 1.6~16 Mpa
Diameter of Nominal DN: 15~300 mm
Operation and maintenance:
Lifting, installation and maintenance
1. Lifting: This valve can be only lifted by two-ring-lifting. During the lifting, the upper angle of slings should not be larger than 70° . The lifting should be smooth to prevent from valve damage.
2. Installation: Before installation, mud, gravel and other debris should be cleared in pipes to prevent going into the valve. Heavy hits on any parts of the valve are forbidden during the installation.
3. Operation: Clockwise Switch for closing and counterclockwise for open; The valve can only be fully open or closed, but not allowed to operate at semi-closed condition; After fully closed, turn the hand wheel to about 1 / 4 circle. Then loose it by turning to the opposite direction, making the gate to a free-floating status to ensure a robust sealing valve; The operation should be conducted strictly according to relevant safety operation rules. No fire is allowed on site and randomly loosing any fasteners on valve caps is forbidden to ensure the safety.
4. Maintenance: The valve should not be stored in the open air or near to fire. The storage environment should be dry, and the temperature should between 0 ° C ~ 30 ° C. Passages should be clean and without any debris or dusts in them; Apply rust-proof oil on turning point, filling cap, oil-filling tubes etc.
5. Possible failures and dealing methods:
1. Leak due to sealing damage by debris Stop delivering and do a disassembly inspection if there is a serious interior leaking. Serious interior leakages Repairing or replacing is needed if there is a mechanical damage.
2. Filling leaking at the valve cap Wind the cap properly to make it press more strongly, or stop delivering and change fillings.

Design and Manufacturing GB/T12234
Size of the connector Structure Length GB/T12221
Flange Size JB79
Inspection and Test JB/T9092
Material Carbon steel GB/T12229
Stainless steel GB/T12230
Symbol GB/T12220
Supply JB/T7928

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