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Piston Control Check Valve

Piston Control Check Valve

A piston check valve is essentially a lift check valve. It has a dashpot consisting of a piston and cylinder that provides a cushioning effect during operation. Because of the similarity in design to lift check valves, the flow characteristics through a piston check valve are essentially the same as through a lift check valve. Installation is the same as for a lift check in that the flow must enter from under the seat. Construction of the seat and disk of a piston check valve is the same as for lift check valves. Piston check valves are used primarily in conjunction with globe and angle valves in piping systems experiencing very frequent changes in flow direction. Valves of this type are used on water, steam, and air systems.

Product Arrange
Size: 1"-24", Class: 150# ~ 2500#

1. For class 900 valves, a ring joint bonnet gasket assures positive seal against leakage and accurate alignment of moving parts
2. Seat ring is threaded into the body for 6" or below to carry out a renewable feature.
3. Seat ring is seal welded for 8" or above to eliminate leak path.
Basic Standards

These valves comply with the applicable requirements of the following standards:
API 598
ASME B16.34
ASME B16.25
ASME B16.10
ASME B16.5
Inspection Policy for WAYS valves
Every WAYS cast steel valve is subjected to a 100% pressure test according to API 598 requirements. Manufacturer's material test reports and Inspection and Test Certifications are available upon request. Some of the additional inspections and tests performed are:
1. Random Radiograph Inspection of Body and Bonnet Castings to ASME B16.34 Appendix B
2. Random Chemical Composition and Mechanical Properties Verification of Fasteners to ASTM A-193/A-194
3. Liquid Penetrate Inspection of Seat Rings
4. Visual Inspection of Casting to MSS-SP-55
5. Receiving, In-Process, and Final Dimensional Inspections to Relevant Valve Standards
6. Other inspections or tests can be performed or evaluation criteria applied when specified by the customer.

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