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Surface Safety Valve Pneumatic Main Valve Piston Type

Surface Safety Valve Pneumatic Main Valve Piston Type

2. Material Class: AA BB CC DD EE FF
3. Product Specification level: PSL 1~PSL 3G
4. Performance level: PR 1/PR 2

This system takes possession of the following advantages:
1. Lower cost: This system is developed by us. The expenses of the parts is low for it is completely homemade which breaks the traditional ideas of SSV without electrically-controlling system, transmitter and so on.

2. Higher safety: Because electrically-controlling system and remote monitoring equipment have been shifted to fluid control equipment, it not only reduces costs but also avoid some unsafe factors such as sparks, temperature, electromagnetic radiation and so on while you use electrical equipment.

3. Longer lifespan: Since the main valve is produced according to the quality control procedures of API 6A and the control system is fully made of 316 stainless steel, it is capable of working under terrible circumstances.
Stronger adaptability: It can work normally without electricity.
High precision: Through adjusting the pilot valves, the automatic closing precision of the SSV can reach the range of ± 3%~5%.

4. Modular design: It is more convenient to select the function of SSV. We can assembly the suitable SSV based on practical situation. Besides, it is easy for us to update it in the new environment.

5. Humanity design: The start and shut of the valves all adopt button control (similar to traditional electrically-controlling system), which can realize the marked functions by putting the button immediately. Pressure setting turns to be more convenient. What you only have to do is to set the minimum value for low pressure pilot valve and the maximum value for high pressure pilot valve.

6. More convenient in maintenance: No complicated circuit system, it is not easy to be damaged for its full stainless steel structure. You can exactly infer where breakdowns happen from observing pressure data of each port regularly; Checking hydraulic oil mark regularly and replenishing hydraulic oil timely. 

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