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3 way plug valves

3 way plug valves

The stopcock opens shuts has the hole circular cylinder, circles is vertical to channel's spool thread revolving, thus achieves opens shuts channel's goal. Stopcock mainly for opening and closure pipeline and equipment medium.

The stopcock principal advantage is as follows:
Is suitable for operates frequently, opens shuts is rapid, is facile.
The fluid resistance is small.
The structure is simple, the relative volume is small, the weight is light, is advantageous for the service.
Sealing property good is not installed the direction the limit, the medium flows may willfully.
Does not have the vibration, the noise is small.
The stopcock may divide into the tight format stopcock according to the structural style, proclaim the type stopcock, the padding type stopcock and the oil injection type stopcock four kinds. According to the channel form minute, may divide into goes nonstop to-like, the Three Contacts type and the tubing cross type three kinds.
The stopcock installment and the maintenance should pay attention to the following item:
Must leave leeway valve handle revolving position not to be able to serve as the throttle.
The belt transmission system's ball valve should stand erect the installment.

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