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Cast Steel Plug valve

Cast Steel Plug valve

Plug valve, also called cock or stop-cock valves, is one of the most widely used valves for both on/off and throttling services. Their design is fairly simple; the body is comprised of three main parts: body, cover and plug. The plug is a cylindrical, tapered, or generally cone-shaped device that can be raised or lowered within the seat to maintain, restrict or completely shut off flow. The valve is opened by rotation, with the plug itself being the only element that is capable of movement.

The entry and exit of the body design is dual-glove sealing structure. Produce enough sealing specific pressure and zero-leakage. There is strong rubbing function that can import the service life of the sealing face between the cutting sleeve and the cock.

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The upper end of the cock shift make up of the PTFE film, o-ring and the washer, which can regulate the sealing specific pressure between the sealing faces to make the cock moving nimbly as well as ensure the seal of the connection between the entry and exit ends of the flange. In the PTFE cutting sleeve, use the filler based on the operation temperature and working medium that is well lubricated with long life.

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