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Solenoid valve installation instructions

1, the electromagnetic valve before installation instructions carefully read the solenoid valve products, check whether the products meet the application requirements, remember to install points, well prepared.
2, the standard proof plate valve parameters and the selected parameters are the same product, shall meet the rated voltage power supply voltage fluctuation range: AC +10% -15%, DC +10% -10%, normal coil components not open.
3, solenoid valve with 0.3MPa pressure before taking over the pipeline flushing, the pipe metal powder and sealing material residue, rust, etc. removed.
4, pay attention to the cleanliness of the medium, if the media with a mixture of dust and impurities, impede the normal operation of electromagnetic valve, pipe valve filter should be installed filters ≥ 60 present.
5, solenoid valve installed in the pipeline should not be lower cavities, installed in the exhaust pipe of the container, careful not to leads from the bottom of the container, the container should be packed in a little on the bottom position.
6, if the media will play a water hammer phenomenon, you should use a water hammer valve function or to take appropriate preventive measures.
7, the entrance side of the steam valve should be fitted with traps, there should be inclined to take over.
8, solenoid valves are generally oriented, not anti-installed, usually on the body with "→" pointed out that the flow direction of medium, when installed in accordance with "→" in the direction to install but the company may sometimes vacuum hose or special circumstances proposed exception would not reverse.
9, the installation position: General electromagnetic solenoid valve components should be vertically upward, vertically installed in the pipe on the ground level, if the conditions subject to space limitations or requirements must Celi, such as the building sewer pipe or inverted installation like Please make the selection when ordering. Some products have special requirements, please click manual install.
10, took over when the note should not use excessive sealing materials. Such as threaded connections, took over the effective length of thread should be kept within a half pitch in the end chamfering with a file office, starting from the end of start winding 2 sealed with dental office, or excessive tape or adhesive seal will enter the electromagnetic valve cavity, and to hinder the normal movement of the accident.
11, solenoid valve installed Office should set aside some space for routine maintenance and regular maintenance.
12, installed with a wrench or pipe wrench fixed the body, then screw on the receiver, it can not be force component in the electromagnetic coil caused by deformation, so that valve hard work.
13, less rigidity in the pipeline, or a water hammer situation, please take over the use of brackets around the valve well.
14, when used in frozen places, have to use insulation material to protect the pipeline or in the pipeline set heater.
15, to confirm, solenoid valves, and it took over themselves whether the junction leakage.
16, on Winding connection to check, especially 3 Lead occasions.
17, electromagnetic valve connected to electrical components such as relays, switches and contactors, etc.. Valve should open when the contact vibration, or will be unreliable, and affect the life of solenoid valve.
18, electrical circuit to access the appropriate insurance lines, as electrical circuit protection.

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