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Valve knowledge

In fluid piping systems, valves to control the device, its main role is to isolate equipment and pipeline systems, regulate flow, prevent the return of the pressure regulation and excretion.
The main technical specifications valve
Strength properties of the valve is the valve the ability to withstand the pressure medium. Valve is subjected to inner pressure of mechanical products, and therefore must have sufficient strength and rigidity to ensure the long-term use without the risk of rupture or deformation.
Sealing performance
Valve valve sealing performance is part of the sealing ability to prevent media leaks, it is the most important technology valve performance. Sealing valve has three parts: opening and closing pieces and valve seat sealing surface between the two contact points; packing and stem and stuffing the distribution and office; body and bonnet connection. Which is called before a leak within the leak, also known as loose relationship, it will affect the ability of the valve cut off media. For the truncated valve, the internal leakage is not allowed. Leakage after the two called the leak, that media leaks from the valve to the valve outside. Leakage will result in material losses, environmental pollution, will result in serious accidents.
The explosive, toxic or radioactive medium, leakage is allowed, and thus the valve must have a reliable sealing performance.
Mobile Media
Media will produce flows through the valve pressure loss (both before and after the valve pressure difference), that is, the flow valve on the media have a certain resistance, medium to overcome the resistance of the valve, it takes some energy. From the conservation of energy considerations, the design and manufacture of valves, to minimize the resistance of the valve on the flow media.
Stop force and the opening and closing torque
Stop force and the opening and closing torque is necessary for the valve to open or close the force or torque applied. Close the valve, the need to open and close the two pieces with the fat seat sealing surface of the seal formed between certain specific pressure, but also to overcome the stem and the packing between the stem and the nut thread between the stem end of the Bearing friction and other friction parts, which must exert a certain moment of closing force and closing the valve in the opening and closing process, the need to stop force, and opening and closing moments of change, and its maximum is close to the final instant or open the initial transient. Design and manufacture of valve closing force should seek to reduce and close the moment.

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